Well, Christmas is over! The New Year celebrations have ground to a dim halt and it’s back to the grindstone for many of us. The New Year always brings new promises and possibilities as we set our resolutions and make new promises to ourselves. “This year will be the year.” Promises, promises! Do you really on want only one year out of your entire life to be ‘your year’?! Of course not.

So… how about you review your previous year? What were you planning to do last year? What was your plan for 2014? Have you really achieved all of it? Do you need to rework it? Or are you just making the same promises every year?!

Often times the beginning of a New Year can feel rather strange, we have all this promise and trepidation as we pile new goals into our psyche it’s all about what we want to do and where we want to go. Not where we’ve been, what we’ve discovered and what to do with that knowledge. You see January is a difficult month, our finances have a christmas hangover and our bodies do to. We promise to stop drinking and less people go out during this first month of the year, it gets kinda quiet.

I’m not sure if this is setting us up for success is it?! Here are a few pointers on having a more successful January;

  • How about just looking at what you got out of last year, look at what you’ve learnt from the previous year and how you can build on it.
  • Less pressure, you don’t need to start everything straight away, so stage your year, put it into quarters, focus only on one or two things each quarter.
  • Be realistic, enjoy your month of peace and embrace it, with less people out socially why not look at your personal recuperation for the month, enjoy the peace and embrace a bit of alone time. While everyone else is slogging it out in an over busy gym or having a detox, just go for a walk and take in some countryside, it’s free and it’s far more restorative than a treadmill.

What ever you decide to do, make sure you don’t overload yourself, look at being happy and fulfilled, be honest with yourself and keep the pressure off. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that this New Year brings real joy and happiness into your life.

Be good to yourself and be good to each other.