Your image is part of who you are and it affects how other people perceive you. It is part of your personal ‘make up’ it is your unique finger print on the world  and you carry it with you every hour of the day. It affects how people look at you and how you are treated.

We would all like to think that we weren’t being judged by what we look like or how we dress, but in truth we are, your image is the first thing that makes an impact on anyone, as others lay eyes on you the first sensory impact is what they see; your image. Before you have even opened your mouth and said a word, or influenced anyone in any other way, your image is the number one influencer for making an initial impact on others. I would love for that not to be the case, believe me,  I understand and I know full well, you cannot judge a book by its cover. However it’s human nature and it’s how we initially gauge a person. That all important first impression is hardwired into our brains, we all do it, it’s a way for us to decide if others are friend or foe, there is no way around it. The only thing you can do is make sure you are presenting yourself in a manner true to yourself that makes you look good and feel good, which subsequently improves your confidence, and your opportunities in life.

Addressing body image is an extremely important factor in self improvement. Not only that but when you look good, you feel good too, it affects your persona, and the ‘vibes’ you are putting out. You can either radiate confidence or you can feel uncomfortable, look uncomfortable and be exactly that; uncomfortable.

If you are looking to influence people in a job interview, dating or any other important relationship your image is the first thing you should address. Why do I say it is the first? Because that is where it all begins, even if inside you are not feeling your best, when you get to looking your best those feelings of confidence will naturally follow. And once you get a hold of your personal style and your image of yourself, you can make it more in line with who you are and you become a force to be reckoned with.

When you look in the mirror you relate to who you are, when other people see you they relate to who you are. And these days image counts for even more, when you have an online profile for just about everything, the lines between your image and yourself can become blurred. So another part of your body image is making sure you are not getting detached with the image of you and who you really are, it’s when we can bring the two picture of gorgeous but scruffy actor together that we begin to feel whole and natural confidence will flow. I love helping people find that natural flow, when you get that, you draw more positive people into your life and you can make better connections with those around you. There is always other work to be done on a physical and mental level, but image is a great starting point. I’m not saying everyone has to dress up in prada or gucci, infact that can be a bit off putting in other ways too, this is about personal style and embracing it. You can look scruffy and cool at the same time, just look at Johnny Depp he expresses who he is and does it in his own unique style and people love him for it!

Your presentation and your clothes give you the opportunity to be a little bit MORE YOU! Your image is important and it is not fickle or self involved to look after yourself and show the world who you really are.