Integration of Mind and Body

This is one of the first books I ever read about the deep connection between the mind and the body. It is a little old now (it was written in the 70’s), but it is so well written and insightful that it remains very relevant and easy to read. The premise here is that we hold onto emotions in our bodies, anyone who may have felt emotional release during yoga sessions may well agree with that on a deeper level, but we can also see it in stress and stiff muscles in the back of our necks, all these different emotions relate to different areas, a bit like the principles of reflexology (which is touched on in the book). We can see what emotions are being hidden and held onto by looking at the relating parts of the body that are giving us problems. And that is what this book helps to explain; from the perspective of Dychtwald’s life, who after experiencing one of John Pierrakos’ workshops, then went on to study alongside Drs Hector Prestera and William Schutz.

It includes explanations of Chakras, Rolfing, Reichian Energetics and Bioenergetics, to name but a few. It is very in-depth and a great starter book for anyone interested in yoga, or the integration of their mind and body. It holds many explanations for different postures and muscular issues in psychosomatics. Emotional ‘holding patterns’ within the body if you will, such as those energy systems noted in Chakras or Chi Energy patterns for acupuncture. This is a comprehensive study of the connection between the mind and body and methods to bring them together, hence the title ‘Bodymind’.

Some of it is very ‘out there’, but it’s just so interesting, with such an abundance of information in it, if you can put your cynicism (or disbelief) to one side it turns out to be a very thought provoking and enlightening book. I find the subject really quite interesting, and if like me, you have a body, you should too! :0)


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By Liv Lively