It’s weak to ask for help, why would I want to change?!

Are you comfortable with your discomfort!?! Some may answer YES! I am! I’m fine.

I’m fine.

I’m fine.

The biggest lie ever; I’m fine! It’s usually said in a kind of sadness, what we want to say is we are let down, we are scared, we are hurt, but who would want to admit that?! ‘I’m fine’ says, leave it, leave me alone, I’m not fine, but I don’t feel ok talking about it.

‘I’m ok with what I’ve got. If I try and do something else I will have to work and take risks.’

So many people are using this type of mind set, but saying ‘I’m ok with what I’ve got’  – it’s hardly true happiness is it?! What if you have just learnt to accept the discomfort? Has routine wrapped its comfy blanket around you, so that your habits protect your true needs?

I have to admit, I struggle with this comfort zone thing. I like it, comfort is good, but sometimes it makes me despondent, it takes my vitality away. That’s when I have to take stock. Growth is part of stepping out of that comfort zone, and it takes bravery. It also takes ‘back up’, we need people to back us up, cheer our corner, tell us we can do things. But all too often we don’t get a personal cheerleader, we get a naysayer, everyone get’s told they cannot do things, it seems to be a go to for the ‘others’. The ‘others’ are the people who don’t do the things they dream of, they tell anyone they know that they cannot do things – these are the people we should NOT listen to. But we do. We take it in and it gets inside of us. And then it becomes self doubt.

We would and could do so many more things if we just believed in ourselves more! You can counter-act the naysayers in your life by;

  • Not discussing your dreams with naysayers.
  • Get the ball rolling on your dreams – before you talk about your endeavours.
  • Get a coach, a mentor or a close trusted friend to help you set goals and hold you accountable.
  • Set tiny goals towards bigger ones, baby steps build confidence and perseverance
  • Decide from the get go, that whatever happens this is a learning process, there is no such thing as failing, just learning.

Does that feel better? Is your discomfort looking less comfortable?! Let your ideas get bigger, let them grow into things. Fill your life with the seeds of your dreams and feed them so that they can grow!

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