You may be wondering what the benefits of coaching with me are. Well here are a few, but you’ll find that your coaching experience will be personal to who you are, how much effort you put in, or I can get out of you, and where you want to be in life. We all need encouragement at times and  the confidence to follow our dreams, sometimes we need a role model or mentor to help build that confidence. Here are a few of the benefits of using a lifestyle consultant;



  • You will become more driven, your goals will be fine tuned, and a solid plan made to reach them.
  • You can find out what your true values are, once you define your values you can then discover your true calling.
  • Working together we can help bring out your intuition, deep changes happen from within and what lies within is your intuition, often times we ignore it, and we get ourselves in trouble and have a less than satisfying life when we do.
  • You will be held accountable, that means you have a schedule, procrastination will be challenged and timelines are set.
  • Fear, this will be addressed so that you can be more authentic, your fears will be brought into recognition and dealt with in a supportive and progressive manner.
  • Body Image, you may want to look at your body image if you want to address other peoples perceptions of you, your perception of yourself and how you present yourself.


  • As we get older life gets more serious and we can lose our playfulness.
  • Coaching towards being more free, can bring back your playful attitude, you don’t have to be serious all the time.
  • Less worry; we tend to worry too much about what other people think of us, coaching can help you move past this.
  • Work/Life balance needs to be addressed often, it ebbs and flows, keeping focused on the right things for you at the right times in your life can be clarified with the help of an outside view that a coaching relationship can give you.
  • Learning the difference between your mind chatter and what is really going on in your life. Relaxation is a part of your life, with coaching you can make that statement a reality. 

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