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I have divided this explanation of Generational Life Coaching into the Three ‘Act’s of Life’, the First act is from birth to your thirties, the Second from your thirties to your sixties and the Third act is form your sixties to your nineties (and beyond), it should provide a deeper understanding of the challenges we face in different stages of our lives and how these challenges change as our lives change. If this is of interest to you, do give me a call, I would be happy to talk through the options with you.

1st act - from Birth to your 30’s

picture of happy younger people thumbs upObviously I would not be life coaching a baby! But still it is important to recognise how our beliefs are shaped as we age and during our twenties is when we start to challenge our beliefs.

From birth to your thirties is a massive time for change and transition, through our childhood years is where a lot of our developmental challenges are gathered. We are reliant on others as we form our personalities, our belief systems and our disposition to carry us forward into adolescence. All of this time is spent with our caretakers, thus we take on a lot of their belief systems and ideas and attitudes. In adolescence we fight back and start to develop our own ideas, much to the parents dismay!

From adolescence we carry on into young adulthood where we gain our footing in the world, if during your twenties you decide to get a life coach you have just made a fundamental decision that will give you the advantage over so many others! Coaching can propel you through your twenties by providing more support and understanding of who you are. You could end up finding out a lot more about yourself than you ever could without it. In our twenties we tend to be driven by our peers, we feel a lot of pressure to excel in our career, there are so many things we have to build up. Finding relationships that suit will you, recognising a relationship that will suit you! Being confident, defining who you are and what you want to do, while staving off the stress of a transition phase, I like to think of our twenties as the time where our entire reality is challenged, we have been bought up one way and we may decide we want to be different to that so there is a lot of internal conflict going on. At the same time you have youth and frivolity on your side! Life coaching during this time of your life is deeply transformative.

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2nd Act - From your 30’s to 60’s

couple in late thirtiesThrough your thirties to your sixties, the ‘mid-life’ period, thirty is quite a milestone in anyone’s life, for some reason we have a lot of goals to hit before that age, and if we haven’t got them all right we can be a little hard on ourselves. These are the years that we ‘settle down’, these are the years where we get uncomfortable with settling down! While at the same time we are moving into a more relaxed and accepting vision of ourselves.

Are we doing what we really want? Where are we going with our lives? Is your family happy? Are you happy? Do you want a family? Are you spending your time wisely and looking after your body for the future? Are you keeping healthy, finding time for leisure as well as work, are you working to living or living to work? This is where the questioning takes place and decisions are made that shape your future, you have more power, which can be very daunting. It is where foundations are laid for the future you.

Your work and family life feature heavily in this period of life as you lay your foundations, settle into who you are and have a lot more responsibility. Some of us turn away from all the responsibility and have a bit of a crisis; others change their path entirely and love the change. The trepidation of making the right decisions and finding yourself are deeply felt. Through these changes you may need to have coaching to help you define your goals and reach your full potential, you may be reaching out for a certain type of support and finding that it isn’t there. Coaching during this life period is challenging and exciting, especially if you have never done it before, it is a dual cored relationship that is beneficial to both parties, many people suffer in silence because they think they are being strong. In contrast to that idea, this age group does in fact benefit the most from realising it’s ok to be vulnerable and ask for help. 

3rd Act - from your 60’s to 90’s

Happy group of men laughing togetherAs we reach our third act in life the ages of sixties to nineties (and beyond!), and retirement comes into play. We work towards making our later years relaxing, work free and comfortable so that we can kick back and relax. In our minds this time will just be relaxation all the way, in reality it may not. There are still issues as life goes on, and you may find that you actually don’t want to wind down and are still looking for more purpose in your life. In a relationship when you retire the dynamics will change, many men who have worked all their lives can have problems with this, as their life has been built around work, once the work is gone, they essentially have to build a new life and settle into a new way of living.

Relationships can become strained even in your later years, it is not always going to be the same and when this happens it can be very hard for this generation to find new meaning in their life. My generational life coaching skills can help people through this transition period, often times as we age our skills are not as valued, but my belief is that as you age you have even more to give. Staying active and looking after your body is also a higher priority, as we age our body’s struggle more and we need to find ways to keep going. Activity and eating healthily; eating the right foods and using supplements should be part of anyone’s regime. Your later years are actually a time for you to be the most authentic of your life, you should not be suffering from any kind of worry about people think about you, there is still a lot of fun to be had!

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Picture of J fonda in yellowI will leave you with this wonderful quote from Jane Fonda’s Ted Talk about aging;

“But many people today – philosophers, artists, doctors, scientists – are taking a new look at what I call the third act, the last three decades of life. They realize that this is actually a developmental stage of life with its own significance – as different from midlife as adolescence is from childhood. And they are asking – we should all be asking — how do we use this time? How do we live it successfully? What is the appropriate new metaphor for aging?

I’ve spent the last year researching and writing about this subject. And I have come to find that a more appropriate metaphor for aging is a staircase – the upward ascension of the human spirit, bringing us into wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. Age not at all as pathology; age as potential. And guess what? This potential is not for the lucky few. It turns out, most people over 50 feel better, are less stressed, are less hostile, less anxious. We tend to see commonalities more than differences. Some of the studies even say we’re happier.”

 Jane Fonda TedX Women 2011 ‘Life’s Third Act”

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