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Meet Life coach and life style consultant Olivia Lively

LifeStyle Consultant- Olivia Lively


My name is Olivia, Lifestyle Consultant at I have an advanced diploma in Life Coaching, have studied Sports Science and I am continually developing my life enhancement skills to be able to offer you the most comprehensive and effective up to date service I can. People come to me because they are looking for something. They want more happiness and less stress, they want more variety and less repetition in their lives. All my clients are fantastic people who are willing and interested in changing their lives, they are making new and brave choices to adjust their lifestyles. I have now been actively coaching people in and around London and all over the globe for the past five years, and I really enjoy helping people reach their true potential. I offer sessions over the phone, via skype and e mail, most of my clients are in the US and all over the UK, and these contact methods have proven to be very effective. I am based near Richmond Upon Thames and do more face to face work in and around this area.

In my ‘previous life’ I worked in various sectors from Asset Management to Advertising providing mostly financial and sales support within the companies, I was very good at it! But I wanted to have more real contact with people and my life experience and studies have all focused on life enhancement and leadership, this is where my passion lies. I am constantly reading (at least three books at once!), I love the outdoors, exercise, personal style, healthy food and have a true passion for my business.

My compassion and empathy for others is what makes me great at my job, I understand the need for support while trying to facilitate a full on life change. I am naturally positive, while having an understanding of what it means to feel really ’stuck’. I put importance on an active and balanced life, I think fulfillment can be found and integrated along side your financial success and personal relationships to bring you more joy and happiness.

One element of the coaching I provide is for people that aren’t happy with or comfortable in their bodies, I have a deep understanding of body weight and it’s link to self esteem. I can help with confidence building and I truly believe that nutrition plays a big role in your wellbeing along with your being present and connected to yourself and those around you. I tend to follow a paleo approach to nutrition, so I might bleat on about it in a few blogs! It certainly holds some very good ideas, although my personal approach includes certain sugars and I believe that everyone is different, with different needs, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Seeing people change and develop is one of the most rewarding things I have ever involved myself in. I have a keen eye for fashion and like to keep up to date, although classic style is something that never dates, so presentation is key when I am looking at someones image, it’s more about personal presentation and personality than trend setting when I am restyling a client. I have a knack for bringing clarity and action into my client relationships, and I also bring some big smiles too.

“To prevent our life from stagnating we need to freshen the waters often, with laughter, movement, love, kindness and the pursuit of our dreams. It is my hope that I can bring that into others lives.” – Olivia Lively

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