Dream Life into Reality

dream life pictureBy investing in The Dream Life into Reality pack you will get;

  • Six months of support and coaching
  • 25 x 30mins telephone or skype calls
  • 12 x e mails with priority 48hr response guaranteed (bar Weekends and Holidays)
  • One lunch meeting to discover your dreams in a relaxed and easy going manner, to help your creativity flow
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Support, give you more peace of mind and stability as you explode your current life into the life of your dreams
  • Confidence boosting sessions to keep you from falling into a negative mind set (the dream killer!)
  • Bespoke step by step planning to take the fear out of your dreams
  • Proven techniques to help illuminate and magnify your dream into reality
  • Help with developing your ‘dream plan’ to get it into the realm of reality, coaching will help you see the reality of your dream and make sure that it is inline with your true core values
  • Step by step guidance through periods of doubt, to break any negative thinking patterns that are preventing you from reaching the pinacle of your dreams

The Dream Life into Reality Pack is an investment of £3,500 that’s top coaching for Six Whole Months! Are you ready to get the life of your dreams?

Once you have support like this and your bullet proof plan your fear will diminish and you will be able to move past a lot of the concerns that hold many back from achieving their dreams, this will give you the edge, you will have the upper hand because you will have a great coach working with you to get you tangible results. 


All packages are payable in full in advance, alternatively the cost may be spread over the duration of the package, in monthly payments by standing order, subject to a 10% admin fee. The first month must be paid up in full in advance before sessions can begin. You can pay via bank transfer, standing order or cheque. 

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