The TeleCoaching & Skype Pack

telephone 300x191 The TeleCoach & Skype Pack, life coachInvesting in the TeleCoaching & Skype Pack will deliver;

  • Two months of Top Coaching
  • 8 x 45mins telephone or skype calls
  • 2 x e mail reviews, one each month
  • Specific goal setting and mini goals to help you move forward
  • The chance to talk through your fears and learn skills to deal with them, shrinking fear down into a blip and bringing your true self out to deal with life head on
  • Find out how you are currently dealing with things, and how to better deal with problems in the future, weigh up your true values and get them inline with your actions
  • The act of getting a coach will give you an instant confidence boost
  • This pack is also perfect for people from all around the globe, as Skype will see that we get to meet face to face

The Telecoaching Pack is an investment of £450 for two months

This basic package will give you regular support towards deep personal development, helping you to understand your values and core beliefs. You can absolutely change the way you think about your life and expand your ideas and goal, reaching leaps and bounds beyond what you initially thought you could do. You will have gained extra ground on others who are struggling because you have the back-up of a personal life coach. You'll get honest genuine feedback that will help you to identify any blocks or issues that are holding you back. And you will find a solution, because you will have not just one mind at work, you will have two minds working towards your goals.

You can set you sights high and plan your new world as you are coached towards more happiness, fulfillment and life balance. Strengthen your resilience and focus your goals. When you invest in The Telecoaching pack you invest in yourself.

Hurry! This pack regularly get's moved onto a wait list, be prompt and contact me to secure your place.Ask Olivia

Other Payment Methods

All packages are payable in full in advance, alternatively the cost may be spread over the duration of the package, in monthly payments by standing order, subject to a 10% admin fee. The first month must be paid up in full in advance before sessions can begin. You can pay via bank transfer, standing order or cheque.  To arrange a free initial consultation and purchase a pack use the contact form below to contact Olivia.

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