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I am passionate about helping people lose weight, it’s become one of the niche elements of being ‘OnFormForever’, I’ve found it to be very successful, especially for people struggling with their weight and feeling a bit lost. Weight loss isn’t just about food, it about changing your lifestyle. If you have been struggling with yo-yo diets you have come to the right place.

I understand what it’s like to gain weight, how much it affects your confidence and how you can end up feeling kind of trapped inside your body, it’s not fun. I also know how much work it takes to lose the weight and it upsets me to think that there are other people suffering when they don’t have to. Not only does the weight influence your confidence, it also affects your health. Weight can be a difficult subject for many and it can often be uncomfortable to really tackle the emotional connections to our weight gain and food, and why and how we have got where we are. I have noticed and personally experienced how people look at you differently when you are overweight, it can make you disappear in sea of people, take you off the ‘dating map’, make you feel unattractive, affect your relationships and then it just becomes a downward spiral. It effects your idea of who you are inside and out. It can create disharmony with your inner self. For some it is a layer of protection, keeping you somewhat hidden, but joy doesn’t flow when you are hiding yourself and protection is about fear. Some foods have addictive qualities and the amount of marketing and hidden sugars we have to battle through every day can prove a real challenge. It is a constant battle when food has got into your head and your body is craving unhealthy snacks, it can feel like you are not in control of your own body any more.

I can help you lose weight

I understand it; I know it through and through. I am not here to sell you an ‘eating plan’, I am not interested in selling a particular product. I’m not going to get you counting points, you don’t have to do a weekly group weigh in with me.  I do not want to introduce a ‘diet’. Diet’s don’t work.

But lifestyle changes do!

It’s not just about the food. It’s not just about working out. It’s about a real change, one that comes from within, the sort of change that will stay with you forever. The sort of change that will make you happy, confident and more relaxed about eating. I will help you address underlying emotional connections to food, see where your diet is going wrong, un-mask the so called ‘diet foods’ that will stunt your progress. And yes, I do actually do home visits (in and around SW London) I can review your kitchen cupboards and even help you set up your home environment so that it is more conducive to activity. I will even schedule One to One ‘walking sessions’ that have proven to be very popular. I really would love to help, if you are feeling down or struggling with your weight and all the information is getting overwhelming to the point of just giving up. Don’t give up! Never give up! Give me a call.



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